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Open a Jira Ticket From Torii

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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As an IT admin, you often delegate SaaS management tasks to other stakeholders. 

Using Torii's automated capabilities and relying on rich Torii data, you can create tickets or tasks in popular collaboration platforms whenever Torii identifies that a process needs to be initiated.
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Jira cloud integration is connected with Reading and writing permissions.

How to open a ticket

  1. From the workflow select Jira >> Create Jira Cloud Issue action >> Choose
  2. Select the Account to which you want to open the ticket. 
  3. Select the Project where you want to place the new ticket. Projects are pulled from the selected account. 
    Note that the project list will display the Jira projects in which the Torii admin who connected the integration has either Administrator or Service Desk Team role. We will only show public projects.
  4. Select the Issue type associated with the above project; note that the list will also include the custom issue types.
  5. Write the issue Summary & Description, and note that you can add personalization tokens to enrich your message with the data from Torii.
  6. Select the Priority; here also, custom priorities are available.
    The Priority is associated with the selected account.
  7. Click Next and add another action or activate the workflow.
  8. When a workflow is triggered, and the ticket is open, you can view its ID in the workflow actions log. Click on the ID link in the "Details" column to open the ticket in the Jira instance.

Note that:

  • The issue will be created with the default status from the Issue type selected in the action.
  • The reporter of the new issue will be the user whose credentials (email) were entered when connecting the Jira account. 

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