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Create Slack Channel

Marina Rogachov
Marina Rogachov
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You can use Torii automation to create channels in Slack.

This can be handy for the variety of use cases:

1. Employee onboarding.

When a new employee joins, create a dedicated channel, inviting them, their managers, and other relevant people to provide a direct communication line for the newcomer.

2. Renewal preparation.

When a contract renewal is coming up, create a renewal channel, invite the right people, and drop a message in the channel to discuss the renewal.


How to create Slack Channel

1. Select Create Slack Channel action

2.  Enter channel name without # prefix.

You can use personalization tokens in the channel name.

The maximum channel name length is 80 characters.

Please note that the channel names will be automatically normalized by converting the text to lowercase, and replacing any special characters with hyphens or underscore.


How to use the new channel in subsequent actions

Once you've created a channel, you'll likely want to invite users to join and send a notification to the channel.

Select the "Invite Slack user to channels" and "Send Slack notification" actions.

You will see the newly created channel in the Channels list, formatted as "Action 1: New Slack channel".

Please note that you'll need to add multiple "Invite Slack user to channels" actions in order to invite several users to the new channel.

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