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Create an Asana Task From Torii 

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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As an IT admin, you often delegate SaaS management tasks to other stakeholders. 

Using Torii's automated capabilities and relying on rich Torii data, you can create tickets or tasks in popular collaboration platforms whenever Torii identifies that a process needs to be initiated.
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How to create a task

  1. From the workflow select Asana >> Create Asana task action >> Choose
  2. Select the Account, Workspace, and Project to which you want to open the task. 
    Note that Torii will show only workspaces and projects that can be accessed by user who connected the Asana integration. 
  3. Enter the Task name and note that you can add personalization tokens to make the name more specific and self-explanatory.
  4. Select the Assignee.  Note that Torii allows assigning Asana tasks to any user listed in Torii. However, if the selected user is not an Asana user, or is not a member of the selected Asana project, the Assignee field will not be populated when a task is created.
  5. Write the task Description; note that here too, you can add personalization tokens to enrich the description text with the data from Torii.
    Click Next to add another action or activate the workflow.
  6. When a workflow is triggered, you will be redirected to the logs. Click on the View details.
  7. On the WORKFLOW ACTIONS page, see the action details.
    In the below example, you can see that Torii alerted about the task not being assigned since the selected user was not found in the workspace. Click the link to open the task in Asana.
  8. In Asana, you will see the task details. 

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