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Microsoft Teams actions : Selecting Teams

Marina Rogachov
Marina Rogachov
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This article provides guidance for actions that require selecting teams within Microsoft Teams:

  • Adding Microsoft Teams users to teams
  • Removing Microsoft Teams users from teams
  • Sending messages to team channels
  • Sending messages to team users

These actions allow selecting a team from a prepopulated list or manually entering the Team ID. The instructions below will guide you through this process.

Selecting Teams from the List

  1. Navigate to the team selection area within the UI of the respective action.
  2. Choose the team from the prepopulated list by clicking on it.

To add or remove users from multiple teams, select teams sequentially from the teams list.

Manually Entering Team IDs

If you have trouble locating the desired team or encounter delays while loading the teams list, you have the option to manually enter the Team ID. Simply select the 'Enter team ID' radio button and paste the ID into the text field below.

How to Find Your Team ID in Microsoft Teams

  1. Navigate to the team whose ID you need to copy.
  2. Select the three horizontal dots next to the team name to open the actions menu.

3. Choose “Get link to team”. A popup with the link will appear, and the value after 'groupID' in the link is the Team ID.

Example Team ID format: 0efcc002-6001-4a21-991b-8ba10bac0612

4. Copy the Team ID from the link to your clipboard.


To add or remove users from multiple teams, paste the Team IDs, separated by commas. You can add 14 teams maximum.

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