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Application Usage Data

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Torii application usage data sources


Torii shows the application and user usage information.

Usage information brings valuable insights for understanding your SaaS stack utilization:

  • Find trending application
  • Identify applications with high churn
  • Find cost-saving opportunities
  • Increase employee engagement with core applications
  • You can view usage information within:
  1. Applications table - usage column
  2. Application page - overview tab
  3. Application page - users tab
  4. User page - usage column

Usage components

On the Applications page, you will find the Usage most detailed information.

  1. The usage icon indicates the application usage level: high (lightning) to not used (3 empty bars).
    Note that an app used for more than 15 days in the last 30 days is considered a core app.
    Torii shows the "No entrance" icon if an app does not have usage data.
    You can also see the additional usage icons in the image below.
  2. USERS shows the number of Active users registered to the app.
  3. USER ACTIVITY chart shows the number of users who logged in to an app or performed an action inside the application during a selected month.
    Pay attention that usage data can change per app as a function of usage sources.
  4. Hovering over a specific column shows data for this specific month.
    Unique users are the number of actual log-ins for this month.
    Note that users who logged in or performed an action only once during a given month will be counted as users with activity.
  5. APPLICATION USAGE chart presents the average number of days the application was used or logged into in a month.

    Application Sources

  1. Under Unique users you can see the sources from which this month's numbers were received like direct integration, SSO, and Torii browser extension

  2. Presents all USER ACTIVITY sources


  3. You can additionally find the usage sources in the DATA SOURCES area

Usage data sources

For Torii to provide usage insights, Torii uses several data sources to offer aggregated application usage data: Direct integrations, Single Sign-On (SSO), and Torii browser extension.


Single Sign-On (SSO)

For applications integrated with one of the SSO providers below, Torii will count how many times a user logged into an app through SSO.

  • Okta

  • OneLogin

  • AzureAD

  • JumpCloud

  • Google

Torii browser extension

Torii browser extension is a powerful tool to discover Shadow-IT, but beyond that, it also provides application and user-level usage information.


Direct integrations

Some applications provide usage information in their API. The applications listed below provide usage data when directly integrating with them.

You can find information about actual events considered usage in dedicated app articles.

Q&A Usage

  • Q: Why is usage information not available for an app?

    A: If usage level is not available, you will see a message saying Torii does not have data about user activity and application usage.

The reason for that can be one of the following:

  1. The application is not one of the applications listed above that provide usage information from their API.
    If the app is one of the listed above, but you still see no usage, you might need to reconnect the app with a different set of permissions.

  2. The application is not connected to your SSO provider.

  3. The browser extension is not deployed


  • Q: What does the "Torii does not have enough data" tooltip mean?
    A: In case the only usage source of an application is a browser extension, and there are less than 10 users in the organization who reported usage in the last 30 days, Torii does not have enough data to show user activity and usage trends.
    To be able to view user activity and usage, make sure all employees in your organization installed browser extension.
    You can open the extension status report, to see how many employees report from browser extension and send a browser extension activation email, if needed. Another option to enrich user activity and usage data are to put the app behind your SSO provider and get the data about app logins.

  • Q: Why do I see no usage from a direct source for a connected app?
    For example, I connected 1Password but saw usage only from the browser extension.
    A: Most apps do not provide usage data in their API.
    For integrated apps that do not provide usage via direct source, Torii shows a disabled direct source icon with a tooltip.

  • Q: I connected Office 365, which is listed as an app with a direct usage source, but no usage from Office 365 is coming.
    A: You might need to reconnect the app with different permissions set or reconfigure the app admin console settings.
    Torii will indicate it in the UI and redirect to the detailed Help article.

  • Q: Why is usage information not available for an application, but the Last used date is?

    A: Many applications provide information about each user's last used date / last sign-in date, even when usage data is not provided.
    Torii will show this date as the last used date but not show "Usage over time" graphs.

  • Q: When will Torii remove a user automatically?
    A: Torii will automatically remove a User from an app if the below 3 conditions are met:
    1. The only data source for the app is direct integration with Torii.
    2. The User is removed from the app.
    3. The next time Torii syncs data from the app, the integration returns no matching User.

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