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Microsoft Intune Integration

Uri Nativ
Uri Nativ
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Set up the Microsoft Intune integration and get all the insights in Torii's dashboard.


Torii integrates with Microsoft Intune to provide comprehensive insights by syncing the users' lists, licenses, and installed applications. It supports multiple Microsoft Intune accounts, allowing your organization to manage and monitor device applications and their users efficiently.


  • The user who connects the integration must be a Global Administrator.
  • Ensure you have already connected and synced Azure AD before proceeding with the Microsoft Intune integration.

Connect Microsoft Intune Integration

Follow these steps to connect Microsoft Intune to Torii:

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page and click on the Microsoft Intune tile.
  2. Click on Connect to start the integration process.
  3. In the Connect Microsoft Intune window, select the permission type (Read or Read and Take action).
  4. Click Connect to finalize the integration.
  5. Once the integration is successfully connected and synced, a green checkbox will appear next to the Microsoft Intune tile.


The data for Intune discovered apps is updated with a 7-day delay due to limitations of Microsoft Intune.

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