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App Comparison

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Discover similar apps used in your organization and explore their attributes and usage trends side-by-side

The explosion of cloud applications has created a reality where IT teams are experiencing challenges controlling and managing their companies’ SaaS ecosystems. Use Torii powerful "Compare" page to find out which similar applications are used in your organization and to identify cost-saving and consolidation opportunities.


Recommended comparisons

Navigate to the "Compare" tab on the Applications page to see a list of similar applications Torii suggests you compare. Torii automatically determines which comparison recommendations you should pay attention to based on app similarities, usage, and license overlap.

One of the parameters that will help you to decide if to drill down to a comparison is the number of overlapping users. It shows how many users were discovered in all apps listed in a comparison row. If the number is high (for example, 30 users were discovered in both Asana and Monday), it might signal that you have a cost-saving opportunity through duplicate licenses deprovisioning.

If there are specific applications you want to explore side-by-side, you can skip the suggestions list and freely select up to 4 apps after clicking the "Create custom comparison" button.


Side-by-side view

Clicking the "Compare" button takes you to a dedicated page where you can analyze the parameters of apps side-by-side.

Summary table

The table at the top of the page shows brief summary of app parameters. You can see how much you spent on each app in the last 12 months, open app contracts and discover levels of security risk for apps connected to GSuite, Azure AD or Slack.

Usage trends

The ACTIVE USERS chart shows how many employees in the organization have been using each app over time. Look at the trend to discover which apps are gaining popularity and which are being abandoned. For example, in the chart below you can clearly see that Monday was becoming more and more popular over time while Asana was losing users. Click on the link below app names on the left to view employees who were active in each app during the last 30 days.

USAGE chart complements insights you get from the Active users trend, by showing how engaged your employees are with each app. In the chart below you can see that over time employees were spending less time in Asana, while visiting Monday more and more frequently.


User overlap

The user overlap diagram shows employees that were discovered in multiple apps. The more overlapping different circles are, the more employees were discovered in both tools in parallel.

Use the diagram to:

  1. Discover users with duplicate licenses and explore their usage patterns, to identify cost-saving opportunities.

  2. Discover similar apps being used by different employee groups, to identify consolidation opportunities.

Click on the overlap area to open the user list and sort the list by usage, to discover if employees are equally active in overlapping tools. For example, in the screenshot below you can see that employees who have licenses for both Asana and Monday are active mostly on Monday. As a result, you might decide to immediately deprovision duplicate Asana licenses and save costs.


In the below example, you see a different pattern, where there is no overlap, and similar tools are used by different employees. It might happen due to decentralized SAAS management, when tools are purchased by teams and without IT approval. Using different tools for the same need is a risk factor for collaborative projects and knowledge sharing. In this scenario, you might decide to approach employees using each app to learn more about their needs, and to come up with a consolidation plan, moving all employees to one tool.



With data readily available, you can decide which app to work with going forward based on facts and not on intuition. We recommend using the Torii Compare page to get insights before renewing contracts and purchasing new apps.


  • Q: How does Torii recommend apps to compare?
    A: Torii will recommend you compare apps that have 3 or more tags in common.




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