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Applications with Zero Users

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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The different reasons why Torii is showing apps with zero users

When you view all of your discovered applications on the Applications Page most will show many Users. There might be a subset that shows 0 users. This article will explain the reasons this could occur.

Application Found in Your Expenses

Torii automatically matches your expenses to applications. When an application is discovered via this source it will show within your application list with no users. If an application is being paid it is shown for a more complete view of your SaaS stack.

Application Manually Added

Any SaaS or custom application can be manually added to your application list. If these apps are also behind your IdP or SSO vendor that is integrated with Torii and named the same, the users will be populated. Otherwise, no users will show while viewing it. All other application functionality can be utilized (such as: contract management, renewal management, offboarding workflows).

Application Had Users Previously

There will be applications that had users at one point and no longer do. This commonly happens when users are using an unapproved application and are then asked to revoke any access. This is very common with Google Workspace (G Suite), Slack and other SSO and IdP solutions. When this occurs you will still see the application as one that has been used that currently has no users. This allows you to close the application and monitor for future usage and also the application can be hidden from view.

Why is this information important?

Many times these apps still hold your company’s information and you may want to review that. 

Can I hide this information?

You can easily use the filters on the application table to hide applications that have zero users.


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