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Open a FreshService Ticket From Torii 

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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As an IT admin, you often delegate SaaS management tasks to other stakeholders. 

Using Torii's automated capabilities and relying on rich Torii data, you can create tickets or tasks in popular collaboration platforms whenever Torii identifies that a process needs to be initiated.
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FreshService Integration is connected with "Read and Take action" permissions.

How to open a ticket

  1. From the workflow select FreshService >> Create FreshService ticket action >> Choose
  2. Select the Account to which you want to open the ticket. 
  3. Add the Requester- This will show the email address of the ticket "Requester". mceclip3.png
  4. Write the incident Subject & Description, and note that you can add personalization tokens to enrich your message with the data from Torii.
  5. Click Next to add another action or activate the workflow.
  6. When a workflow is triggered, you will be redirected to the logs. Click on the View details.
  7. On the WORKFLOW ACTIONS page, see the action details.
    Click on the ticket # to access the ticket on FreshService.
  8. In FreshService, you can see the ticket details. 

Note that the following fields will be populated with the following default values in FreshService:

  • Ticket status - Open as default
  • Ticket priority - Medium as default
  • Ticket impact - Medium as default
  • Ticket urgency - Medium as default

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