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UKG Pro Integration

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Set up UKG Pro integration and get all the insights in Torii's dashboard


Torii integrates with your UKG Pro account and syncs the Users': Names, IDs, emails, roles, and statuses


  • You will need a UKG Pro service account to access the UKG Pro API
  • Get the UKG Pro: Service Account user name, password, Customer API key, User

Get the Service account Account User Name and Password 

  1. Go to Menu > System Configuration > Security > Service Account Administration > Add
  2. Enter a user name; we recommend using Torii as the user name to be recognizable by others

  3. Enter an email
    Note that the password will be auto-generated upon clicking the Save button.
    Save the generated password, as you will need it when connecting UKG Pro integration to Torii

  4. In Web Service permissions provide "View" access to:
    - Employee Person Details
    - Personnel Integration
  5. Once saving the settings, you will find the information, including the Customer & User API keys, under Menu > System Configuration > Security > Service Account Administration. 
  6. Take the Service Account User Name from here

Connect UKG Pro integration to Torii

  1. Go to the Integrations page and select the UKG Pro tile
  2. Click Connect
  3. Enter the Account User Name from step 6 above
  4. Enter the Account Password you copied in step 3 above
  5. Enter the Customer API key & the User API key from step 6 above
  6. Enter the API Host URL from Menu > System Configuration > Security > Web Services
  7. Click Connect

  8. Once the integration is connected and synced, it will display a green checkbox.

Update the User Lifecycle settings

To ensure you get the user lifecycle information in Torii, define the UKG Pro as your Human resource management system.

  1. Under Settings >> User Lifecycle, click on the Edit button to review the options
  2. Select UKG Pro
  3. In case UKG Pro is your only source for user management, make sure to uncheck Azure and Google workspace checkboxes
  4. Click Preview changes
  5. Apply changes

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