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BambooHR Integration

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Set up the BambooHR integration and get all the insights in Torii's dashboard


Follow the below process to integrate BambooHR with your Torii environment.


  • Account with BambooHR
  • To use the BambooHR API, you need to have permissions and be authenticated as if a real user was using the software.

Make sure you have access to the following fields, which are synchronized to Torii:

  • First Name , Last Name, Work Email, Status (Active/Inactive), Job Title
    Preferred Name, Employee ID
  • Department, Division
  • Location
  • User Manager
  • Hire Date, Termination Date, Effective Date
  • City, State, Country, Zip Code

The Process

A. Generate an API Key

B. Integrate BambooHR in Torii using the API & the URL used to access your
BambooHR Account

C. Update the User Lifecycle settings

A. Generate an API Key

  1. Log in to BambooHR Environment.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the BambooHR Logo and select API Keys
  3. Click the Add New Key button:
  4. Provide a name to the API Key
  5. Click “Generate Key
  6. Copy the key

B. Integrate BambooHR in Torii

In the Torii Admin Console (or via a connect link provided by the Torii Admin), Click on Integrations (7) >> BambooHR (8) >> Connect (9)

Enter your BambooHR URL (ie: ), your API Key and click Connect (10, 11)

C. Update the User Lifecycle settings

Now, to ensure you get the user lifecycle information in Torii, define the BambooHR as your Human resource management system.

12. Under Settings >> User Lifecycle, click the Edit button to review the options.

13. Select BambooHR

14. In case BambooHR is your only source for user management, make sure to
uncheck Azure and Google workspace

15. Click Preview changes

16. Apply changes

On the next scheduled sync, the users' statuses will be reflected in Torii

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