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Assign Application Owners

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Noga Tubi
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Each SaaS application should have an owner. The owner is the go-to person for any question you may have about a specific application, like why are we using this app? Why did expenses go up in February? Should we renew this application?

In some cases, the application owner is from the relevant business unit; in others, you may appoint someone from the IT department to own it.

Applications without owners present a slippery slope to losing control over your SaaS.

An application may have more than one owner 

App owner types

There are two owner types, Primary and non-primary. Once assigned, you can see them from the main application page >> APP OWNERS section.

Note that the owner types are the same entity except for their title.
The “Primary owner” type was added to enable delegating tasks to a specific owner.
In workflows, you can approach the Primary owners - through the primary app owner token or all the owners of the app - using the All App owners token.

How to Assign Application Owners

  1. You can assign application owners by clicking the + icon from a specific application page >> APP OWNERS.

  2. You can also assign a Primary owner from the Applications page list.
  3. When assigning an owner from a specific application page >> APP OWNERS, go to the Primary app owner dropdown and select the relevant employee.
    When assigning an owner, a Primary owner is mandatory; after it, add the non-primaries.
  4. You can add additional owners for this app.
    Adding more than one employee as an owner can help the Primary owner share the app management responsibility.
    Note: As you assign more owners, Torii will suggest relevant owners for the assignment based on similar products and usage information.
  5. Click Assign owners 
  6. Once the owners are assigned, you will find them under the APP OWNERS section of a single app.
    Note that the first selected owner is a PRIMARY OWNER. The added users are considered "App owners.
    • To edit the application’s owners, click Manage Owners.
    • Hovering over the owner's name will enable you to replace or delete the Primary owner 

      If the App Owners access via the Settings page is activated, Every newly added owner will receive a notification email.

View the App owners

The App owners can be viewed via two columns

    • Primary Owner - will show the one primary owner
    • All App Owners - will show both primary and non-primary owners.
    • A new view was added for "Apps without primary owner." This view will show the apps that have no owners assigned to them. 
      If not available on your list, add this view from from "Create new view" option.
Note that you can see all Torii's Application owners (primary and non-primary) under Settings >> Members >> App Owners.

App owners in a workflow.

When creating an email notification from a workflow, the following email tokens will be available:
  • App Owner (To be deprecated)
    • Will send an email notification only to the Primary App owner meeting the criteria.
  • Primary owner of all apps in the org
    Will send an email notification to all primary app owners in Torii, regardless of the application criteria filter.
  • All App Owners (New!)
    Will send an email notification to all App Owners, primary and none primary, meeting the criteria.
  • Primary App Owner (New!)
    • Will send an email notification only to the Primary App owner meeting the criteria.
    • Will replace the existing App Owner token in the coming future.

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