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Enrich Application Details

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Torii’s intended use is as a compete SaaS application inventory. While the majority of the information is populated automatically by Torii, you may want to enrich your SaaS inventory with manual information relevant to your organization.

💡 The Application Details are fully customizable. You can create you own fields and remove existing ones from the Settings → Application Details page

Examples of information you may want to add to your applications:

  • Plan details

  • Security and compliance info

On top of this, Torii allows you to upload any relevant files to the application. This can be useful for storing contracts, NDAs, DPA, Invoices and other relevant documents, keeping everything you know about the SaaS application in one place.

How to Enrich Application Details

  • Navigate to the Application Page The quickest way to get to the Application Page is by using the Quick Search on the top bar

  • Open the Info tab

  • Update the relevant field and upload file relevant files. 

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