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Hiding Applications

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Some applications discovered by Torii may be of no interest to your business whatsoever. Torii may, for example, discover an application that has a monthly subscription but is not necessarily SaaS. These may be marketplace applications or some other service provider software.

To remove noise, Torii gives you the option to Hide an application. An hidden application will no longer appear in Torii inventory or searches.

How to Hide an Application

  • Find the relevant application

  • From the State dropdown, select Hide app  

✢ You can find all the hidden applications from the Settings → Hidden Applications  You can also unhide an application from that screen.

💡 We recommend that you do not hide applications that you no longer use. For these applications, you should use the Closed  state, and then create a view that hides Closed applications.

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