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App Owner Access - For Torii Admins

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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As a Torii admin, you can provide the different Application Owners access to Torii from which they can View, Control, and Manage the applications under their responsibility.

If required, the App owners' scopes can be customized (Like accessing Applications, Users, and Contracts). Currently, this ability is enabled from Torii's backend. To get this option, please contact our Support team.

Note that External users can not access Torii via the App owner access mechanism.

Designated guidance for app owners is located under The Application Owners category in our Help Center. There, they can find targeted information (articles & a video) for App management.
When first accessing Torii, the app owners will get a popup referring them to the article and video.
Also, while using the Torii app, clicking the "help" icon will direct them to this category. 

Who is an App owner?

  • An App owner is a company employee assigned to and in charge of a SaaS application used by the organization.
    Note that there can be more than one App owner per application, Primary and not primary. 

  • It can either be a significant app like Netsuite or Hibob owned by finance or HR or an application that serves only a few users in the organization.
  • Currently, App owners don't have permission to remove themselves from ownership or assign another employee as an App Owner.
  • Torii users configure App Owners, usually the Torii Admin or IT-Admin users who manage the day-to-day SaaS of the company. Therefore, an App Owner will not necessarily be a ״Torii User״ mceclip1.png

Read more about it in the "Assign Application Owners" article 

View and Manage App owners

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Click on Members
  3. Select the App Owners tab
  4. View the Application Owners' details, the applications they manage, and their usage level 
    Note, currently, there is only one app owner per App (soon, we will introduce the Multi App ownership concept). 
  5. Enabling the toggle will grant all the App Owners access to Torii to view and manage their application's information.
    • Once enabling the access toggle: 
      • You will get a notification indicating the outcome of this action and allowing you to cancel 
      • All App Owners will receive an invitation email with a link to Torii.
    • Disabling the Toggle will revoke access from all App Owners to Torii. 
    • Note that the default state for the Toggle is "Off".

Email notification

  • Once the toggle is enabled, whenever new users are assigned to an app, they will receive an invitation email. (click here to see information about SSO)
  • The invitation includes the application logos the owner is assigned to and a link to the Torii environment, where the app owners can view and take action on the application assigned to them.
    Note that the email logo can be customized.

    The email notification is sent only to new Torii users who haven't already received an invitation to Torii.

  • Torii Invitation Emails are sent from the user who assigned the app's owner.
  • When turning on the "App owners can access Torii" toggle, all assigned app owners will receive an invitation email from the user who turned on the toggle.  
  • An option to re-invite users is available for PENDING users (users who have not followed the log-in to Torii via email).

What can an App owner do?

App Owners who are not Torii users (like admin, IT, Procurement, etc) will be able to view only the  Application information under their ownership.

  1. The left navigation menu bar (with the different tabs like "Application" and "Users") is not displayed 
  2. App Owners will be able to “Take action” over their Applications, Users, and Contracts and also to upload contracts & documents.mceclip1.png

App Owners who also have a defined Torii role like IT admin, Procurement, or another custom role:

  • Will be able to keep the existing Torii experience and permissions for all Torii pages outside of the single app page.
  • In the single app page, these users will have additional app owner permissions for apps they own

Information about SSO

  • Organization without SSO
    App owners will need to use the invitation email link to access Torii.
  • Organization using SSO
    SCIM based provisioning
    The IT should provision app owners with access to Torii as employees (no user type in the SCIM attribute).
    Please note that existing Torii users should not be re-provisioned as employees. No additional access is required.

    Non-SCIM-based Provisioning
    IT should add App Owners to the Torii provisioned group in the SSO provider.
    You can use the CSV download option on the App owner page to get the most updated list of app owners.


  • Q: Who is a Torii user ?
  • A: Torii User is an organization employee that was invited to Torii and was assigned a Torii role.
    Note that only the Torii admin can invite employees to Torii.

  • Q: Can a Torii user be assigned as an App owner?

  • A: Yes, and it is expected that some of the Torii users will also act as App owners, mostly for the core IT Apps.

    • Torii users have scopes and permissions derived by the role assignment defined by the Admin.

    • The role assigned to the Torii user defines this user's capabilities throughout the Torii platform.

    • The main difference is in the single App page, where the Torii user will gain additional permissions over his owned Apps 

  • Q: What will happen once I revoke the Access to App Owners?

  • A: Once revoking access, all App owners' access to Torii is canceled.

    • No email notification is sent. The Apps owner's assignment doesn't change.

    • Only their access to Torii is revoked.

  • Q: Can I revoke a specific App owner's access to Torii?

  • A: It can only be done by changing the app's ownership


  • Q: Can App Owners change their ownership over Apps?

  • A: Only users with Applications "Take action" permission level can change app ownership

  • Q: What happens when assigning an additional App to an App owner?

  • A: The added App will be included in the view created for that App Owner; no additional invite mail will be sent

  • Q: What can I do if an app owner hasn't received the email invitation?

    • Re-invite users is available for PENDING users (users who have not followed the log-in to Torii via email).

    • Re-assign the employee to the app as an App owner. App ownership assignment triggers Email invites to users who do not have access to Torii.

  • Q: Who will be the invite sender?

  • A: The invite email is sent from the user who has assigned an owner to an app

  • Q: Can external users get access to Torii via the App Owner access?

  • A: No, external users can not access Torii via the App owner access mechanism

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