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Managing Multiple App Contacts

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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On a single application page, you will find the APP CONTACTS section.

Here you can view and add different contact types to your app information, like the App, security, contract, and budget owners. 
The widget will display all the application's contacts in one place, helping you to reach out to any of them for any question easily.
All contacts can be edited except for the "Contract owners" field, pulled from the contact information.

You can see the App contacts from any specific application page.
Under the Overview tab, scroll down to APP CONTACTS.


The APP CONTACTS section displays all contacts from type "Employee" as it appears and configured on the "Settings" page. 

How to add a new contact?

  1. From Settings, go to Application details.
  2. Click on + Add field

  3. Select the Employee tile to add a single employee field type or Multiple Employees to add more than one employee to this field
  4. Select the fields Group to which you want to attribute this field.
  5. Give the field a meaningful name and save.
  6. Ensure that the field toggle is on.
  7. Return to an application page >> Overview tab >> scroll down to the App Contacts section and add the single contact.
  8. For multiple contacts, click the edit button.

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