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Creating Application Views

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Create, edit and share applications table views


One of the best ways for viewing and managing a long list of SaaS applications is to create a unique Application View for each task, you are trying to accomplish.

An Application View is a combination of Application Filters and Application Columns.

  • Application Filters (1) - filter the applications according to particular criteria.
    Filtered applications are hidden from the particular view you've chosen to look at your table.

  • Application Columns (2,3) - You can choose which application attributes (columns) to show or hide in a view.
    This will help you minimize distractions in a specific view, ensuring that only the relevant data is shown.

💡 A view is just a different way of looking at the same underlying data.

Some common use-cases for using Application Views:

  • Applications without owners

  • New applications

  • Paid applications

  • All except the Closed application

How to Create Application Views

Navigate to the Applications Page -

  1. From the Views drop-down, click on Create new view

  2. Name your view

  3. Select the Sharing option
    - Private - Only visible to you
    - Shared (read-only) - "Read-only" permissions to Torii team members
    - Shared (full access) - Full edit and delete permissions to Torii team members

  4. Click the Create new view button

  5. Make sure to update the new filter you created with your preferred columns

Note, Any update to a view is automatically saved


Q: Can users change customer application Public view settings created by a different user to Private?

A: Yes they can. However, note that the Private view will be functional for this specific user only.


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