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Ticketing System Integrations

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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As an IT admin, you often delegate SaaS management tasks to other stakeholders. 

Using Torii's automated capabilities and relying on rich Torii data, you can create tickets or tasks in popular collaboration platforms whenever Torii identifies that a process needs to be initiated.

This functionality simplifies collaboration with other team members and provides complete visibility into SaaS management processes.

Here are a few examples of how Torii integration with ticketing systems can be applied:

  • Delegate renewal process. Open a ticket to procurement 30 days prior to the contract end date.
  • Delegate app security review. Open a ticket when a new app is discovered, and assign it to the security team.
  • Delegate employee onboarding. Open tickets and assign them to app owners when onboarding new employees, for apps whose provisioning cannot be completed automatically by Torii or SSO.
  • Delegate employee offboarding. Open tickets and assign them to app owners when offboarding past employees, for apps whose deprovisioning cannot be completed automatically by Torii or SSO.

Open a ServiceNow ticket action 


  • ServiceNow Integration is connected with "Read and Take action" permissions.
  • Have a ServiceNow Admin user
  • Provide the following access permissions
    • sys_user_has_role
    • sys_user
    • incident

How to open a ticket

  1. From the workflow select Service Now >> Create ServiceNow ticket action >> Choose
  2. Select the Account to which you want to open the ticket. 
  3. Write the incident Short description & Description, and note that you can add personalization tokens to enrich your message with the data from Torii.
  4. Select the assignee in Assigned to field
  5. Click Next to add another action, or activate the workflow.
  6. When a workflow is triggered, and the ticket is open, you can view its ID in the workflow actions log. Click on the ID link in the "Details" column to open the ticket in ServiceNow.
  7. In ServiceNow, you can see the ticket details. Note that the ticket statuses & priority are populated by ServiceNow default status and can be updated manually.

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