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Request Approval Workflow Action

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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A commonly used workflow action is to request approval to complete an action for an employee. Common use cases for this would be to start offboarding an employee, removing unused paid licenses or granting access to an application when a user requests it from the app catalog. To do this you would use the "Request approval" action within a workflow or app access policy.


Action behavior

This action will send an email or Slack notification requesting the user to approve or decline a question. Here is a how it would look like when sent via email:

Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 17.29.51.png
And here is how it would look like when sent via Slack:

Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 19.04.10.png

Once the message recipient clicks "Approve" the action configured after "Request approved" will run.  If the user clicks "Decline" the action configured after "Request declined" will run.


Action setup

To configure the action, take the following steps:

  1. From the workflow, Click to add a new action, and select "Request Approval" from the Torii actions section.
  2. Pick the sending method - either email or Slack.
  3. Configure the message recipients and content.  You can add any personalization token to the message content to make it clearer and personalized.  For Slack only you can also customize the buttons text.  For example, if your use case is to ask the user whether they approve removing their license you can set the buttons text to: "Reclaim License", "Keep License" so that the recipient has a clearer outlook of what clicking each button would actually do.
  4. Configure actions that to you wish will be triggered once the request is approved and once the request is declined.  


Action monitoring

You will be able to monitor the approval process via the Workflow audit log.   Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 16.53.51.png



When an approval request is sent to multiple email recipients, Slack users or channels, how does Torii determine which button click takes precedence?

The first user who clicks will take precedence.  In Slack all other messages will be updated to reflect that the request was already approved or declined.  For email messages, if a user clicks a message that was already approved or declined by someone else, they would get a notification.



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