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Send Remove User Request Action

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Delegate employee removal sending a remove user request

When offboarding employees, it is important to make sure you close their accounts across the various SaaS tools they were using.

While Torii can automate many of those tasks for you, there are applications where an API is not available. The best solution for these apps would be to send a remove the account request, during an employee's offboarding, to the employee who manages that app.


For example, LinkedIn Sales Navigator does not provide a user management API. In this case, you'd like to have Torii send a remove user request to the application owner of LinkedIn Sales Navigator in your organization.


How to Use the Send Remove User Request Action

The Send Remove User Request action can be used in:

  1. Offboarding configuration, using the Delegate method

  2. Workflow action, using the Send Remove User Request action


Below is an example of a Send Remove User Request configuration:

  1. App to remove the user from: The app being offboarded from

  2. User to remove: User being offboarded

  3. Send request from: One of your IT team members

  4. Send request to: The application owner

  5. Message: Personalized message

  6. Send submissions to: Notify when tasks are completed

Automatic Reminders

With the auto-reminders feature, you can set up reminders to be emailed automatically to users who haven’t yet completed their tasks.

You can disable/enable auto reminders by going to the Offboarding Settings page.



Email to Employee With Tasks to Complete

The employee who receives the tasks to complete, the application owner in our case, will receive an email containing all tasks they need to complete as seen in the screenshot below.

Once tasks are completed, a notification will be sent to the email set in Send submissions to.


Offboarding tasks email



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