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Set Application State

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Learn how to view, set, and create application state (status)


Torii strongly recommends that you use the most basic classification of the Status attribute. You can classify your applications to the relevant state based on the following:

  • Discovered - this is the default state. These applications should be reviewed and moved to the appropriate state

  • In Review - Application needs review by members of the IT staff.

  • Evaluation period - Employees are evaluating this application. The IT department has not yet approved it for general use.

  • Sanctioned - Applications approved by the IT staff.

  • Cost optimization - Usually Sanctioned applications under investigation for cost optimization opportunities.

  • Need to close - Applications that should be closed. There may still be some company IP addresses on these tools that you'd like to remove before marking them as "Closed."

  • Closed - Applications that are no longer in use

How to set application state

  • An application state can be assigned either from the Applications Table or the Application Page.

  • Click on the State attribute and select the correct state

How to create a new application state

Torii enables you to add your own state to the dropdown list.

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Select Application Details

  3. Go and hover over the State line

  4. Click the edit icon

  5. The "Enabled" fields are the custom fields, you can edit, delete and change the order of these custom fields

  6. The grayed-out state fields are Torii's defaults, and can't be edited or deleted

  7. Click on the +Add option, to create a new state

  8. A new state field is added

  9. Choose a color

  10. Give a name to the state

  11. Click Save


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