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Marina Rogachov
Marina Rogachov
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Many organizational processes involve step-by-step advancement, requiring intentional waiting periods between each step. Below are examples illustrating such scenarios:

  1. 1. Gradual Offboarding

Upon an employee's departure, their Google user account is immediately suspended. Subsequently, access to various applications is revoked, and their files are transferred to their manager. Following this, the IT department waits for 30 days to ensure all user-related tasks are completed and then deletes the Google account.

  1. 2. Gradual Onboarding

User accounts on essential platforms such as Okta, Google, and Slack are established 5 days prior to an employee's start. However, the welcome email is dispatched to employees only on their designated start date.

  1. 3. Temporary Access Provisioning

IT provisions access to certain applications for a limited period of time and then revokes it.

Torii's "Wait" action allows setting precise timing intervals between workflow actions, making the management of gradual processes simple.


How to configure the Wait action

Let's set up a workflow to automate the gradual offboarding process.

  1. 1. Begin by selecting the "User left" trigger.

2. Choose actions to take immediately upon user departure. For instance, add the "Suspend Okta user" action.

3. Add a "Wait" action.

4. Specify the duration of the wait time between actions. You can create delays in terms of minutes, hours or days. Let's set it to "30 days".

Please note that the countdown starts from the exact time the "Wait" action is initiated, rather than according to the calendar day.

5. Add actions that should occur after the 30-day pause. For example, add the "Delete Okta user" action.

You are done!

Note that during the "Wait" action, you'll be able to track when the workflow will continue on the Actions log page.


  • Q: Can I stop the "Wait" action that is now "In progress" and skip to the next action?
  • A: Not at the moment.


  • Q: How accurate will the waiting period be?
  • A: Actions will resume with a 60 seconds precision. 

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