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Slack actions : Selecting channels

Marina Rogachov
Marina Rogachov
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This article provides guidance for actions that require selecting channels within Slack:

  • Send Slack notification
  • Invite Slack user to channels


These actions allow selecting a channel from a prepopulated list or manually entering the channel ID. The instructions below will guide you through this process.

Selecting Channels from the List

  1. Navigate to the channel selection area within the UI of the respective action.
  2. Choose the channel from the prepopulated list by clicking on it.

To select multiple channels, select them sequentially from the channels list.

Manually Entering Channel IDs

If you have trouble locating the desired channel or encounter delays while loading the channels list, you have the option to manually enter the Slack channel ID. Simply select the 'Enter channel ID' radio button and paste the ID into the text field below.

How to Find Your Channel ID in Slack

  1. Choose the channel whose ID you wish to copy. Click on the channel name to open the channel details popup. Alternatively, access the popup by selecting "View channel details" from the right-click menu on the channel name in the channels list.


2. Scroll down to the bottom of the channel details window. The Channel ID is located at the bottom left corner.

Example Slack channel ID format:  C05E6K0ENJ0

3. Click the "Copy" icon positioned next to the ID to copy it to your clipboard.

To add or remove users from multiple Slack channels, paste the Channel IDs, separated by commas. You can input a maximum of 10 channels.


Private Slack channels

  • You can include private channels in the "Send notification" action. Read more about sending notifications to private channels here.
  • Inviting users to private channels via the "Invite Slack user to channels" action is not supported. Consequently, these private channels will not appear in the list in the "Invite Slack user to channels" action. Manually entering private channel IDs will result in them being considered invalid. 

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