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Update application and contract details

Marina Rogachov
Marina Rogachov
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Torii empowers you to create and populate custom fields for both applications and contracts, keeping all the important data in one place.

What's more, you can set up automatic updates for these fields based on various events that Torii monitors.

The following workflow actions facilitate this seamless data enrichment process:

1. Change application state

2. Update application field

3. Update contract field.

Let's delve into a few practical examples to illustrate these capabilities.


Automate InfoSec approval process for new apps

When a new app is discovered, you can instantly change the state of this new app to "In review" and proceed to send an approval request to your Information Security (InfoSec) team. Once InfoSec gives their approval, the app's state can automatically transition to "Sanctioned," signifying its approval.

For added granularity, you have the flexibility to define that only applications posing a high-security risk should undergo a security review. In such cases, you can capture the data pertaining to Security reviews in a dedicated app custom field named "Reviewed by security team." As soon as the application gets the green light from InfoSec, you can automatically update this custom field to "Yes," indicating that the app has successfully passed the security review process.


Add reasons for application state changes

Keeping the details about the reasons for changing application states in Torii is important, especially when you decide to close an app. To achieve this, define a custom application field "Reason for closing the app" and create values such as "Not used for 90 days", "Not renewed", "Free app with a single user" and more.

Then you can automatically close apps while populating the "Reason for closing the app" custom field with the appropriate explanation. For instance, consider a scenario where a free app remains unused for 6 months and has only one user. In this case, the workflow will trigger the closure of the app and simultaneously update the "Reason for closing the app" field with the reason "Free app with a single user." In this way, you maintain a comprehensive record of the rationale behind application state changes, empowering your team with valuable insights for informed decision-making and app management through Torii.


Manage renewals

When contract renewal is getting close, you can open a renewal task for the contract owner and update the contract status in Torii to "In review". 

Another use case would be updating the next renewal date automatically. You can read more about it in this article.

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