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Schedule Onboarding & Offboarding Workflows

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Onboarding and offboarding employees are routine processes that can be fully automated using Torii's powerful workflows.

With Torii, you have the ability to create workflows with customized schedules, allowing you to trigger onboarding and offboarding automation on selected days and hours based on your time zone.

These workflows will rely on the employee start/termination date in HRMS and initiate the process at a selected date and time, for example:

  • Onboard new employees on their first working day at 8 AM.
  • Offboard employees on their last working day at 5 PM.

Once configured, this will be a recurring workflow, which will trigger on the configured date and time when an employee joining/ termination date is due.

We also highly recommend building an additional workflow using Torii's real-time offboarding capability for employees who leave unexpectedly and need to be offboarded immediately. This can be achieved by configuring a workflow with the "App event" trigger.

How to build a scheduled Onboarding/ Offboarding workflow.

  1. From "Workflows," select the User meets criteria trigger.
  2. Add criteria to the trigger. We recommend relying on data saved in your HR system - specifically, for the planned onboarding select the user's Start date (e.g., Hibob start date), and for the planned offboarding, select the user's termination date (e.g., Hibob termination date).
  3. In case your organization operates across multiple locations and time zones, we suggest incorporating an additional criterion for user location, such as the Hibob site.
    For each location, a dedicated workflow should be created - based on their respective time zones, to onboard and offboard employees 
  4. To configure the Onboarding/ offboarding schedule, scroll down and turn on the "Define a custom schedule for the workflow" toggle.
  5. Choose the specific days of the week on which you want your workflow to be triggered. You have the flexibility to select options such as every day, Monday to Friday, or other customized combinations.
    Note that the workflow criteria will be evaluated before execution, meaning the workflow will only run if there are users who meet the specified criteria.
  6. Select the Time of day you want the workflow to run.
  7. Select the Time zone. The time zone should match the user's location.
    For example, for users located in New York, add the America/New York time zone.
  8. Add actions to your workflow.


In this example, we have created a workflow that initiates the offboarding process for employees whose Hibob termination date is set to "Today" and who are located in New York.
The workflow is scheduled to run at 5 PM New York time.
Each day, Torii will examine if there are any users from New York whose employment termination is scheduled for the current day. If such users exist, the workflow will be executed at 5 PM New York time, specifically for those users.


  • Q: Does Torii support scheduling in other triggers?
  • A: No, Currently, the scheduling is supported only for "User meets criteria

  • Q: What time stamp will be displayed in workflow audit logs?
  • A: The audit log will show times according to the UTC zone.
    The time zone configuration displays the UTC offset and can serve as a reference point.

  • Q: Will scheduling consider summer/winter time changes across countries?
  • A: Yes

  • Q: Can I create multiple schedules for the same workflow, e.g., Mon - Fri, 5 PM and Sat, 12 PM?
  • A: Not yet. You can create multiple workflows to support this use case.

  • Q: How will the scheduling work with real-time offboarding?
  • A: We recommend adding another criterion to the planned offboarding workflow configuration, to ensure the planned offboarding workflow will not run on users whose offboarding was triggered earlier due to the real-time sync.

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