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How to Send Forms Using Torii?

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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This article will help to better understand sending forms using Torii

Torii Workflows enable you to send forms to your team. Using forms you can create advanced workflows to let your organization update different application details.

How to send a form?

  1. Choose to Send form action - Go to your workflow page, create a new workflow and choose the Send form action from the Torii actions
  2. Setup email - After choosing the action you will have to define the email that will be sent to the employee. You can define the sender, the recipient, adding someone else in CC, and a subject. You can also add dynamic fields to personalize your message or subject
  3. Your email will look something like this
  4. Set up your form - Now you can choose the text that appears as the intro to the form. The field you would like the end-user to fill in through the form.

    The fields are the same application fields you see on the application info and the same fields you can customize from the settings

    You can also choose additional people you would like the completed form to be sent to.

When the end-user click on your form link on their email. Their form will look like this:



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