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Automate Your SaaS Management

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Managing your SaaS can be time-consuming without the proper automation in place.

Torii brings you several automation capabilities to help you save time.


Torii Workflows allows you to create your automation by specifying triggers and actions.

  • A workflow trigger defines what causes a workflow to start.
  • A workflow action is a set of automatic actions that Torii will execute once a workflow has started.

Here are some examples of workflows you may want to create:

  1. Ask the employee who has started to use a new application to fill in more information about it
  2. Get notified on Slack when a new application is discovered
  3. Send the application owner a notification when a license is no longer in use
  4. Get notified when usage is detected on an application that was marked as "Closed".

Want to learn more? we highly recommend watching Torii's Workflows video series (about 30 min)

How to Create a Workflow

Employee Offboarding

With more than a dozen applications used by each user, keeping track of offboarding employees from SaaS applications when they leave the company is very challenging without a SaaS Management Platform.

Torii automates employee offboarding tasks with its built-in offboarding workflow, giving you an offboarding audit trail for each employee.

Whenever an employee leaves the org, Torii recommends that you initiate the offboarding workflow.

You can decide what action to take when offboarding an employee.

  1. Automatic removal - Torii will initiate an API call to remove the user
  2. Delegate - Request another employee to remove the user
  3. Ignore - Skip the offboarding and only remove the user from the app’s user list in Torii.
    Use this method for applications that are deprovisioned via other tools (e.g., Okta), or for applications that are marginal and not managed

Note that enabling the “Ignore non-configured apps during offboarding” toggle will ensure that applications that were not manually configured with an offboarding method will not stop a user’s Offboarding process.

💡 Torii automatically tracks the removal of applications that are integrated. Therefore, integrating more applications into Torii gives you better visibility.

How to Start Employee Offboarding

  1. Navigate to the Offboarding page -

  2. From the To-do  tab, select the relevant employees, and click Start Offboarding 

  3. You receive a prompt to configure application offboarding for the relevant applications

  4. You can monitor the progress of the offboarding from the In Progress tab

  5. You can view the offboarding audit log from the Done  tab.

Manage your renewals

Moving SaaS subscriptions to annual payment is good practice, in most cases, as it allows you to get cheaper deals. However, keeping track of renewals is not easy.

Torii ensures you stay on top of your renewals by giving you automatic reminders with the full context of the application. This helps you for the following reasons:

  1. Vendors can’t automatically renew contracts for you without you first reviewing them

  2. Save cost on your next renewal - knowledge is power, once you know how many licenses you actually use and how much you use the application, you can negotiate a better deal on your renewal.

  3. You’ll no longer renew applications you’re not using.

Your renewal calendar can be viewed here -

How to Set Renewals Dates

  • Navigate to the Application Page The quickest way to get to the Application Page is by using the Quick Search on the top bar

  • Open the Info tab

  • Update the Next Renewal Date  attribute

💡 You can update your renewal notifications from the Settings → My Notifications  page


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