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Real-Time Offboarding 

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Ensuring employee access to apps is promptly terminated upon departure is essential for maintaining organizational security.

Torii simplifies this process by allowing IT to offboard employees in real-time automatically.

Torii can trigger workflows and update user lifecycle statuses by listening for key app events, facilitating efficient and effective offboarding.

The functionality is currently available for Google Workspace only.

Make sure you enable the relevant scopes.

Sync and Real-time offboarding

Torii synchronizes integrated app information every 24 hours.

However, to ensure that user lifecycle data remains up-to-date, we continually monitor critical events that are crucial for initiating offboarding and update the information related to these events in real time within Torii.

The monitored Google events are:
  • User was deleted
  • User was suspended. We only monitor suspensions carried out by an Admin in the Admin console, and not automatic suspensions executed by Google.
  • User was archived
  • User was assigned to org unit
When Google Workspace is chosen as the source of truth for the user lifecycle, the first three events mentioned earlier will update the user's lifecycle status in Torii, marking them as a "Past user."
This will make the user appear on the Offboarding >> To-do page, guaranteeing that the Offboarding To-Do list remains current. 

While you can manually trigger employee offboarding from the To-do list, we highly recommend leveraging Torii's "App Event" trigger to automate the process entirely.

By relying on Torii automation, you can achieve a more efficient and effective offboarding experience that requires minimal intervention.

App Event trigger and Real-time offboarding

Workflows that use the App Event trigger will be triggered immediately whenever a user is deleted, suspended, or archived in Google.

Select the Application, Application account, and Event to set up the trigger. 

Add an action, in this case, "Start employee offboarding."

Note that Google Workspace doesn't have to be selected as a user lifecycle source of truth in Torii to use this trigger.

Q & A

Q: Will workflows with "User left' and "User meets criteria" triggers that rely on Google Workspace attributes be triggered in real time?

A: Despite the User attributes being updated in real-time, it might take up to 1h for workflows with state-based triggers to be initiated. Use the "App event" trigger to trigger workflows in real-time.

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