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How to Ensure Timely Offboarding Task Completion

Marina Rogachov
Marina Rogachov
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A crucial responsibility within IT departments is ensuring a swift offboarding process when employees depart. Timely revocation of access to various tools is vital to maintain the security integrity of the organization.

Torii's offboarding feature serves as a pivotal tool in mastering the offboarding process. It seamlessly triggers offboarding protocols across all applications an employee has ever utilized the moment they depart. Employees can be offboarded from applications using three distinct methods: automatic, delegate, or ignore. While using the delegate method, IT administrators rely on complete collaboration and the timely execution of delegated offboarding tasks. However, sometimes tasks might be overlooked for various reasons. Let's explore strategies to mitigate this risk and speed up offboarding, even when tasks are delegated.


Strategies for Ensuring Timely Completion of Delegated Tasks

1.  Leverage Offboarding Reminders

Take advantage of configurable reminders accessible on the Offboarding settings page. By default, reminders are sent by email every three days. However, you can fine-tune this configuration to suit your specific needs, whether that means increasing the frequency to daily or reducing it to as infrequent as every two weeks.


2.  Utilize Jira for Task Delegation

Enhance stakeholder collaboration by delegating offboarding tasks through Jira, the organizational task management tool. Torii seamlessly supports offboarding task delegation via Jira tickets, fostering a more organized and collaborative approach to task management.


3.  Leverage the "Pending Tasks" View

Access the 'Pending Tasks' view, available as an additional tab within the 'In Progress' offboarding section. This view provides a comprehensive list of all pending offboarding tasks, organized by respective apps. It simplifies the identification of task blockers and the tracking of responsible task owners. Additionally, you have the option to mark tasks as completed, to indicate that the offboarding from the app was finalized.

Please note that you might encounter tasks that remain open for offboarded users even after their offboarding is finished. This can occur when the offboarding was manually completed before all offboarding tasks were marked as done. In these cases, we recommend verifying the user's deactivation in the app account and marking the task as done following validation.


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