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Smart offboarding - what happens when it is triggered

Marina Rogachov
Marina Rogachov
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Cutting employees' access to apps upon their departure is a crucial security measure that protects the company's assets, data, and reputation, while also complying with relevant regulations and industry best practices. Torii's great offboarding features help to streamline the offboarding process, ensuring security and efficiency.

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What happens when offboarding is triggered

When the offboarding process is triggered, Torii will execute offboarding actions for all apps where the user was ever discovered, as long as the apps were configured with the offboarding method. This ensures that the user no longer has access to these apps.

  1. For actions configured with automatic offboarding method, Torii will execute the defined action, and show "Completed" status in user offboarding log, if the action was completed successfully. Pay attention that you can select any available automatic action for specific app, and not necessarily a "Remove user" action. For example, when offboarding users from Google workspace, you can configure to move them to a certain organizational unit instead of deleting them. In this case Tori will move a user as defined, and mark their Google offboarding status as "Completed". Note that sometimes users are removed from apps during their employment. However, Torii will still execute the offboarding action. Even if a user is no longer found in the app, Torii will mark their offboarding status as "Completed" because it ensured that the user no longer has access to the app.
  2. For actions configured with "Delegate" offboarding method, Torii will send an email requesting to remove the user from the app, or open a task in a ticketing system (read more here). If the app has a connected integration, Torii will only send delegation emails or open tasks in ticketing tools if the user is active in the app. If the user is deactivated or deleted, Torii will immediately mark the user's offboarding status as "Completed."
  3. For actions configured with the "Ignore" offboarding method, the user will only be removed from the app's active users list in Torii and marked as "Completed." No further action will be taken.


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