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Airtable Integration

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Set up Airtable integration and get all the insights in Torii's dashboard


Torii integrates with your Airtable account and syncs the user data: ID, email, first name, last name, status, license status, last visit time & creation time.

Note that Torii can sync multiple Airtable accounts.


Airtable Enterprise account

Connect Airtable Enterprise integration to Torii

  1. Login to your Airtable account and go to the Admin Portal.
  2. Copy the Account ID from the admin panel left side of the bar:mceclip0.png
  3. Create a new Personal Access Token with the following scopes:
    For "Read only" integration:

    For "Read and Take Action" integration, add the following scope:

    For improved security it is recommended to create a Service Account to hold the Personal Access Token instead of using a Personal Access Token of an admin user.

  4. Go to the Integrations page and select the Airtable tile
  5. Click Connect to Airtable

  6. In the Connect Airtable box enter the API Key (the Personal Access Token)

  7. Enter the Account ID from step 2
  8. Click Connectmceclip0.png
  9. Once the integration is connected and synced, it will display a green checkbox.

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