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Adobe Enterprise Integration

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Set up your Adobe Enterprise integration and get all the insights in Torii's dashboard

Torii integrates with Adobe Enterprise and syncs the user list and each user's status.

Notice that an Enterprise plan is required.


To connect to Adobe Enterprise, notice the comments below and follow steps 1-3 here to create a new integration.

  • In step 1 subscribe to User Management API (under Adobe Services).

  • In step 2 save the Private Key you generated.

  • Once the integration is created, the API Key, Client secret, Organization ID, and Technical Account ID will be shown. Save them.

Go to the Torii Integrations page and click on the Adobe Enterprise tile in order to connect. Provide the:

  • API Key

  • Client secret

  • Organization ID

  • Technical Account ID

  • Private Key - This is the entire "Private Key" from the downloaded "private.key" file, including the pre and post text. (ex: "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY----")


Torii allows users to take actions, such as removing users. Here are some notes regarding the different actions:

Delete Adobe user

Users can be removed from the organization. The deleted user will no longer be able to login into his account or access provisioned licenses.

Note that if you choose to not delete user data, then:

  • The user will be removed from the Users menu in the Adobe Admin Console.

  • The user’s cloud-stored assets are still available.

Otherwise, if you choose to delete user data, then:

  • The user will be removed from the Directory users menu, which implies a loss of account metadata and associated cloud assets.

  • Note that Enterprise IDs and Federated IDs are account types that are owned by the organization, so the account is also deleted. Adobe IDs are never deleted because they are owned by the user, not the organization.

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