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1Password Integration

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi

Setup your 1Password integration and get all the insights in Torii's dashboard

Torii integrates with 1Password and syncs the user list and each user's status.


In order for Torii to pull sign-in info from 1Password, you will be asked to provide a Master Password  and Secret Key  of an administrator. We suggest to create an administrator without access to any Vault.


Note: Users who have Multi-Factor Authentication enforced are not supported. If possible, create a user that does not have to authenticate using Multi-Factor Authentication.


Torii allows to take actions, such as inviting, suspending and removing users. Here are some notes regarding the different actions:

Inviting a user to 1Password

This action is available only to accounts with a 1Password Business Subscription.

The process of inviting a user is:

  1. Use the action from Torii to invite users to your 1Password account.

  2. 1Password will send an email to the users, asking them to complete their registration.

  3. A 1Password account owner needs to confirm each user on 1Password's website.

Granting access to vault(s)

Users can be added to selected vaults.

If a user already has access to the vault, no action will be taken. If a user is part of a group that already has access to the vault, the user will not be added to the vault.

Revoking access to vault(s)

Users can be removed from selected vaults.

Note that if a user has access to the vault via his Group membership, that access will not be revoked. It is advised to remove users from Groups in order to revoke all access to vaults.


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