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Personalization Tokens List

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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In this article, you will find Torii's default Personalization Tokens List.

You can use personalization tokens or variables to personalize email messages and notifications, as well as to add rich contextual data.

You can also use tokens to populate fields in one app with values from another app.
Read more about it in Personalization Tokens (Data Fabric) Overview

Our tokens include:

  • User details, default Application Detail fields, and default Contract Detail fields
  • Default personalization tokens that appear when apps are integrated with Torii 

Torii's default tokens

User-specific Triggers
Application-specific Triggers Contract-specific Triggers
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • App Owner (first name, last name, email)
  • App URL
  • App Name
  • Description
  • Category
  • Vendor
  • App Website
  • Tags
  • State
  • Add Note
  • Data Subject Type
  • Sub-Processor
  • Subprocessing Activity
  • GDPR Readiness
  • Special Categories Processed
  • Contract Name
  • App Name
  • App Owner (first name, last name, email)
  • Status
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Plan Name
  • Payment Term
  • Payment Method
  • Card Number
  • Contract Owner (first name, last name, email)
  • Contract Value
  • Supplier
  • Previous Contracts
  • Next Contracts
  • Notes
  • Documents
  • Licenses
  • Billing Email
  • Yearly Cost

User tokens from integrated apps

Azure AD | BambooHR | Google Workspace | Hibob | HubSpot | JumpCloud | Namely | OneLogin | Okta | Salesforce | Slack | Workday

The app must be directly integrated with Torii to get these personalization tokens.

Azure AD BambooHR Google Workspace Hibob
Azure Company Name
Azure Cost Center
Azure Deleted Date
Azure Department
Azure Job Title
Azure Office Location
Azure On Premises Sam Account Name
Azure User Manager

BambooHR City
BambooHR Country
BambooHR Department
BambooHR Division
BambooHR Effective Date
BambooHR Employee ID
BambooHR Employment Status
BambooHR Hire Date
BambooHR Job Title
BambooHR Location
BambooHR Preferred Name
BambooHR Private Email
BambooHR State
BambooHR Termination Date
BambooHR User Manager First Name
BambooHR User Manager Last Name
BambooHR User Manager Email
BambooHR Zip Code
BambooHR Team
BambooHR Management Role

Google Workspace Address
Google Workspace Building Id
Google Workspace Cost Center
Google Workspace Department
Google Workspace Email (Home)
Google Workspace Job Title
Google Workspace Org Unit
Google Workspace Phone (Home)
Google Workspace Start Date
Google Workspace End Date
Google Workspace Type of Employee
Google Workspace User Manager
Hibob Department
Hibob Employment Type
Hibob Is A Manager
Hibob Lifecycle Status
Hibob Private Email
Hibob Probation End Date
Hibob Reports To First Name
Hibob Reports To Last Name
Hibob Reports To Email
Hibob Site
Hibob Start Date
Hibob Termination Date
Hibob Title
HubSpot JumpCloud Namely OneLogin
HubSpot Primary Team JumpCloud Company
JumpCloud Cost Center
JumpCloud Country
JumpCloud Department
JumpCloud Employee ID
JumpCloud Employee Type
JumpCloud Job Title
JumpCloud Location
JumpCloud User Manager First Name
JumpCloud User Manager Last Name
JumpCloud User Manager Email
Namely Access Role
Namely Department
Namely Departure Date
Namely Divsion
Namely Job Title
Namely Office Location
Namely Onboarding Complete Date
Namely Personal Email
Namely Reports To First Name
Namely Reports To Last Name
Namely Reports To Email
Namely Start Date
OneLogin Company
OneLogin User Department
OneLogin User Manager First Name
OneLogin User Manager Last Name
OneLogin User Manager Email
OneLogin User Title
Okta Salesforce Slack Workday
Okta Cost Center
Okta Creation Date
Okta Department
Okta Division
Okta Employee Number
Okta Legal Entity
Okta Organization
Okta Title
Okta User Manager
Okta Legacy Email
Salesforce Default Currency Iso Code
Salesforce Department
Salesforce Division
Salesforce Manager
Salesforce Profile Name
Salesforce Title
Slack ID Workday Business Title
Workday Department
Workday Employee ID
Workday Employee Type
Workday End Employment Date
Workday Hire Date
Workday Location
Workday Preferred Name
Workday Retired
Workday Worker Type
Workday Worker's Manager First Name
Workday Worker's Manager Last Name
Workday Worker's Manager Email


Q: Does the App URL token pull in the public-facing URL?
A: The URL that appears will be a link to the app in your Torii environment.

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