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Salesforce Integration

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Set up your Salesforce integration and get all the insights in Torii's dashboard


Torii integrates with Salesforce, syncing:

  • List of users

  • License types

  • Last logged in time

  • Usage: 2 types of usage events:
    Event Log File: Logs of activity in Salesforce.
    Login History: Logs of user Logins to Salesforce.

  • 3rd party application list - only applications connected via OAuth

Please note:

  • The Salesforce integration utilizes an OAuth connection.
  • The 'View Setup and Configuration' permission for the connecting user is required to be able to get user details from the integration.
  • The Salesforce API only provides data on applications which are connected to via OAuth. Thus, 3rd party app & user data from Salesforce may be partial. 


Supported user types

  • The Customer Portal Users is not supported, please connect the integration with another user type.

Supported license types

Torii supports the following license types:

  • Standard User License types, as described here

  • Feature license types:

    1. Service Cloud

    2. Flow

    3. Chat

    4. Marketing

    5. Apex Mobile

  • We do not support External types, which are not meant for company employees like: Partner Community, Customer Community, Customer Portal User, Customer Portal Manager, Chatter, and Guest.

  • To sync the feature licenses to Torii, the user who connected the integration must have view/read permissions to ALL of the following fields from the User object:

    • UserPermissionsMobileUser

    • UserPermissionsMarketingUser

    • UserPermissionsLiveAgentUser

    • UserPermissionsInteractionUser

    • UserPermissionsSupportUser


Usage Prerequisites

In order to get usage information, please ensure that the account used to connect the integration has permission to access the EventLogFile and LoginHistory objects.


Accessing these objects requires View Event Log Files and API Enabled user permissions. To grant this, follow the steps below.

Note: Users with View All Data permission can view event log files.

1. Log into Salesforce

2. Look for Permissions Sets

3. Select the permission set of the user who connected the integration

4. Scroll down to System

5. Click on System Permissions

6. Click the Edit button

7. Check to enable the API Enabled

8. Check to enable the View Event Log Files

9. Click Save


Connecting the Integration

1. Go to the Integrations page.

2. Click Connect.

Note: Your Salesforce account can be integrated as "Read-Only" or "Read/Take Action" which is required in order to allow workflows to take action directly through Torii.

4. When redirected, log in to your Salesforce account.

You will be requested to approve the following:

  • refresh_token and offline_access - Allows Torii to perform requests on your behalf at any time by enabling a refresh token to be returned when the requesting client is eligible and allowing the app to interact with the user’s data while the user is offline.

  • The id scope allows Torii to access your basic information

  • The api scope allows Torii to access and manage your data

Select Allow to allow the requested permissions.



  • Q: Can I connect the Salesforce integration to a sandbox account?
    A: Yes, sandbox accounts are supported. When connecting the integration, set the "Is this a sandbox account?" to "Yes".
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