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Microsoft 365 (Office 365) Integration

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Set up your Microsoft 365 integration and get all the insights in Torii's dashboard

Microsoft 365 suite is one of the main productivity apps, used these days in organizations.

Torii integrates with Microsoft 365 and syncs the following attributes:

  1. List of users

  2. Licenses (assigned and unassigned)

  3. Usage

Furthermore, you can automate Microsoft 365 onboarding and offboarding using Torii workflows.

Permissions needed to view usage data in Torii

Settings configuration

To view usage in Torii, you need to change the default MS365 settings to show identifiable user information.

  1. Open MS 365 Admin console and go to Settings > Org Settings > Services from the left menu.

  2. Select Reports from the list.



  3. Under Choose how to show user information, uncheck the statement "Display concealed user, group, and site names in all reports", and then save your changes.



    User roles

    The users who connected Office 365 integration must have a "Reports reader" role or "Global administrator" role.

    To assign the role:

    1. Open MS 365 Admin console and go to Roles > Role assignments from the left menu.

    2. Select Reports reader from the list.

    3. Under the "Assigned" tab add a user who connected the integration.



    Once the role is assigned, usage data will be fetched in the next account synchronization. You do not need to reconnect the integration.

    How usage data is synced

    Once the default settings are overwritten, Torii will sync usage for Microsoft 365 suite and its child apps - Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Teams. Torii syncs usage from all platforms on which the apps were used - desktop, web, and mobile. The data will be fetched 28 days back with a delay of 2 days (as provided in Microsoft 365 admin center reports).


    Pay attention that you will see each of the apps above as a separate app on the Torii platform. The usage will be displayed on the app level, as well as summed up to the total usage of the MS365 suite. Teams app is an exception and will not be summed up, standing on its own.


Q: Can Torii remove a license once an account is deactivated?
A: Yes, you can create a Torii workflow to do this.

Q:  If a user's license is removed, does that also deactivate them?
A: No.

Q: Does Torii use Last Activation Date to calculate license activity?
A: Activation Date refers to the last date on which a user activated their Microsoft 365 Apps subscription. Torii does not use this data to calculate license activity or app usage.

Q: How does the 'Create Office 365 User' action in Torii populate the user's email address?
A: It uses the email address of the trigger user in Torii as the email address when creating the user in Office 365.

Unassign licenses from users - Microsoft 365 admin

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