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Miro Integration

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Setup the Miro integration and get all the insights in Torii's dashboard


Torii integrates with your Miro account and syncs the following attributes:

  1. List of users and their roles
  2. Licenses
  3. Usage - Available for organization-level integrations

Furthermore, you can automate Miro onboarding and off-boarding using Torii workflows.

Interaction levels

Torii integrates with your Miro account on two levels:

1. Team level - The default account type
At the Team level, Torii collects data about a single team within your organization.
If you want Torii to collect data about multiple teams within your company, you must connect them one at a time.

2. Organization level 
At the Organization level, Torii collects data about the entire organization, including all teams.

Organization-level account type enables Torii to retrieve usage data and Miro's most accurate license data, including Full Member, Free Member, and Guest license types.

Connect Miro integration to Torii

Connect Team level account type

  1. Log in to Torii
  2. From Integrations, go to Miro >> Connect
  3. Choose permissions and the Team level scope
  4. Click Connect
  5. Repeat for every team you wish to connect

Connect Organization level account type

For organization-level integration, a single connection is enough. Torii can pull all data about the entire organization using a single connection, including all teams.

Organization-level access requires the following permissions:

  • organizations:read

  • organizations:teams:read

  • organizations:teams:write

Important note - to enable fetching usage data, the user connecting the integration must be a "Company Admin" within Miro.

  1. Log in to Torii
  2. From Integrations, go to Miro >> Connect
  3. Choose permissions and the Organization level scope
  4. Click Connect
  5. Install and authorize - You will be asked to select a team to connect
    We recommend selecting the largest team presented, which in fact, is the
    the organization itself (an organization is also a type of a team).
  6. Click Install & authorize.


You can perform the following actions from the Miro integration

  • Invite Miro users to a team

  • Remove Miro user from a team

    • Team level - If a removed user owns any boards or projects, they also will be removed.
      After deleting the "Team admin" you will be able to restore the deleted items from the team's trash.

    • Organization level - the boards are automatically assigned to the team's admin and are not removed from Miro.

Action Configuration

  • Team level connections - we will automatically select the team selected upon connection.

  • Organization-level connections - you will be able to select any one of the teams in your organization.

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