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GitHub Enterprise Integration

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Set up your GitHub Enterprise integration and get all the insights in Torii's dashboard.

Torii integrates with GitHub Enterprise and syncs the user list into Torii.

User & License Data

Torii lists the users who were provisioned by GitHub and will not list any other users or licenses.


  1. A GitHub Enterprise Cloud account

  2. Users are authenticated using SAML single sign-on.

  3. Users are provisioned by an Identity Provider using SCIM.


  1. Create a personal access token on GitHub with the admin:org scope.

  2. Authorize the personal access token for use with SAML single sign-on.

  3. Add the access token on the Torii Integrations page.

Why is the admin: org scope required?

Torii’s GitHub Enterprise integration is based on GitHub’s SCIM API, which requires the admin: org scope. Unfortunately, GitHub does not provide alternatives and more limited scopes to access the required data.

As a technical user of GitHub, how can I verify the integration will work?

This isn't mandatory, but you can verify the access token was created successfully before connecting it out to Torii.

For technical users: verify by trying to access the SCIM API and seeing the list of users on your account:


(replace the YOUR_ORG_NAME with your organization name and use Basic Authentication with the YOUR_ORG_NAME:ACCESS_TOKEN pair)

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