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JumpCloud Integration

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Setup the JumpCloud integration and get all the insights in Torii's dashboard


  • Torii integrates with JumpCloud and syncs the users' roles, statuses, last used date, and more.
  • Torii can support more than one JumpCoud account 
  • Use Torii to perform actions directly in JumpCloud like creating and deleting users.
    The full integration information is available from - Integration Capabilities.


  • JumpCloud administrator user
  • For usage information, you are required to have Directory Insights JumpCloud’s event-logging feature ((described below)


Torii pulls 2 types of usage events:

  • Directory Events: Logs on activity in JumpCloud Portals, including admin/user authentications to the Admin and User Portals.
  • SAML Events: Logs on user authentications to SAML applications.

For Torii to pull usage from JumpCloud, it requires you to have Directory Insights, JumpCloud’s event logging feature. Without this feature, Torii cannot retrieve the required information regarding directory events and events from SaaS applications connected to your JumpCloud account.

In addition, you will need to connect the integration with an API key associated with the currently logged-in administrator.

How do I enable Directory Insights?

Directory Insights is included in some JumpCloud package plans. To enable Directory Insights for your account, contact

Will I be able to connect the integration if I don't enable Directory Insights?

Yes. If your account doesn't have access to the Directory Insights feature, Torii will sync the user list and 3rd party SaaS application list without usage data.

Connect JumpCloud integration to Torii

To connect JumpCloud to Torii, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Integrations page
  2. Connect to JumpCloud
  3. Select the required permission level
    Note that to use Torii's Actions (add/ delete/ suspend, etc.) you must check the "Read and Take action" option. 
  4. Enter JumpCloud API
  5. “Organization ID” is required for multi-tenant accounts (more than one organization was set in the JumpCloud account)
    Please provide the organization ID you want to sync to Torii
  6. Click Connect
  7. Once the integration is connected and synced, it will display a green checkbox

Application Capabilities

You can constantly be updated with application information from our Integrations Page >> Integration Capabilities button  >> Integration Capabilities table.

Actions: When adding a user If the username includes spaces, those will be replaced with a dot (.) to fulfill the API's requirements

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