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Adding and Editing Custom Apps

Uri Nativ
Uri Nativ
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Managing Manually Added Custom Apps

If you need to add an app to Torii that isn't yet available in Torii's application database, you can easily do so by adding a custom app. This is also useful for internal tools that are unlikely to be included in Torii's application database.

Here's how to create, view, and update custom applications.

Create Custom Apps

These are created by clicking on the Plus ("+") sign in the top right of the Applications Page. Then add your application name and click on "Add a custom app...".

Add custom app.png

 Custom apps can be created by clicking on the Plus ("+") sign at the top right of the Applications Page. Start by adding your application name and then click on "Add a custom app...".

This action will open a modal that allows you to enter the necessary information. Fill out this information and click "Add application".

You also have the option to upload a custom application logo. The recommended size is a square ratio with a minimum resolution of at least 50x50 pixels.

For added convenience, you can use the "Magic auto-fill" button. This feature allows Torii AI to auto-fill the data for you based on the application name.

Once added, the app will appear in your application list. Under "Sources," you can see who created it.

Add custom app - winamp.png

Custom app source.png

View Custom Apps

All custom apps can be viewed in the Custom Applications tab under Settings.

Custom apps list.png

Edit Custom Apps

While in the Custom Applications tab you will be able to edit the information with any custom app. You can do this by clicking on the edit button to the right of the application. This will open the app modal so you can edit any information (other than the name).

Hide Custom Apps

You can hide custom apps just like any other app. You will be able to see all hidden apps under the Hidden Applications tab in Settings. You can hide them via the Applications Page or Custom Applications tab.

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