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Discovering Users and Usage

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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How to see your active sources

Torii is able to discover employees using specific apps, along with their usage, through a variety of methods. This article summarizes these sources and how to determine which ones are being used at the application level.

Possible Data Sources

* Syncing from your Identify Provider, such as Google Workspace (G Suite) and Azure AD

* Syncing from your SSO Provider, such as Okta and OneLogin

* Directly syncing from your applications through our many direct integrations

* Deploying the secure and privacy-aware Browser Extension to map application usage

Determining the User and Usages Sources, Per App

When you go into the "Overview" page of any application you can see all the sources of data that are being captured. It is on the bottom right of the page. You will see that the platform is able to combine your disparate sources into a single insightful view.

There is a line item for data sources relating to users, usage and expenses. This way you can always be confident on the sources being used to populate your account.


Visualizing the Sources of Each User

When you go into the "Usage" page of any application you will be able to see its users. For each user, you will be able to see the source(s) where the person was found. This is under the "Sources" column.



Q: Why when looking at some users' profiles the apps not listed with sources but tied to their profile?
A: The user is the owner of this app, there is no usage for this user but we still show these apps because he is the owner.


Torii Integrations

Browser Extension

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