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Employees In Torii

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Not all users identified by Torii are actually company employees, some of them are contractors, some are service accounts, and others are test/integration accounts.

To provide you with better visibility and organizational management, Torii enables you to discover and classify your actual employees.

Classifying users as employees can be done based on your HR management system configuration and/or based on your IDP, and you can filter these configurations to fine-tune your employee count.     

Employees in Torii

In order to classify employees in Torii, you will have to set up the employee definition under Settings.
Employees are represented in Torii in the following areas:

Employees on the Insights page 

Once you configure the employee Source of Truth system(s) under settings, the actual employee count will be displayed on the Insights page.

If the employees are not yet configured, you will get an indication to Define employees with a link to the "Settings" page.
Click here to learn how to define these settings.

Users page 

Torii Users page consists of these three group types :

Employees | Users | External Users

1. Employees

  • Employees are part of the entire user set discovered by Torii in your org.
  • Users are classified as employees based on the employee definition configured in the Settings.
  • Note that the Employee tab will always be shown, even if employees are not configured.   

2. Users

This tab includes all the users discovered by Torii, including Employees and none employees like service accounts, test/integration accounts, etc.

3. External Users

  • External users are users whose email domain doesn't match your account's domains (Domains can be added by contacting the support team).

4. Current- Past  filter

Here you can filter the users by Current or Past status based on the life cycle (SOT) status you defined under Settings.
Note that the All option will show both Current and Past users, also including users with no used apps.

Single user

On a single user page, If this user is an employee, you will see a tag indicating that this user was recognized as an employee.

Define Employees in Torii

Torii pulls the Employees from the HR management system or the IDP you define in Settings.

  • Go to the Settings tab (1) >> Users & Employees (2) and click on the Add source under the "Employee definition" section.

  • Select the Employee source of truth (4), as well as any relevant filters on that system. Once selected, you will see an indication for the number of current and past employees found (5).
  • Click on Preview changes, and another indication will be displayed for the number of employees changed.
  • Please note, when configuring an employee Source of Truth, the displayed count of current and past users refers specifically to the number of employees derived from that particular source.
  • In the case of setting up multiple employee SOT sources, the cumulative employee count from all sources is depicted only in the Preview changes view. 


  • In case the HR management system or the IDP system was configured as the employee's source of truth and, for certain reasons, was removed as a source, The employee classification will be removed from the users.
  • In case the HR management system or the IDP system was configured as the employee's source of truth, and the integration was disconnected - employee classification will remain until the change will take place in the employee definition source.



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