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Delete Imported App Users

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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In some cases, you might want to delete the users you previously added manually to Torii.
Torii offers two options for deleting imported users:

  1. Removing specific users from the active user list.
    If users can no longer access an app, you can remove them from the app's active user list in Torii.
    To accomplish this, you can:

    • Upload a new file with the updated list and mark missing users as "No longer in app." 
    • Leverage Torii's offboarding feature.
  2. Deleting all manually imported app users.
    This is helpful when:
    • Uploading the wrong file.
    • Connecting a native app integration and wishing to remove the data from the manually added account altogether.

This article explains how to delete all manually imported users in bulk.

  1. To delete imported users, go to Users >> Import 
  2. Click the "Delete all imported users."
    Note that this option will be disabled if no imported users exist.
  3. You will get a notification describing how many users will be deleted. Both active users and users no longer in the app will be counted.    
  4. The notification will also include the workflows affected by deleting those users.
  5. Click "Delete users."

  6. After a few minutes, the users are deleted.

Note that importing users creates a manually imported account, similar to connecting an integration. Therefore, deleting those users is equivalent to disconnecting the integration and removing all associated users. Additionally, suppose a user is detected in multiple sources, such as manually imported and identified via a browser extension. In that case, the deletion process will remove the user only from the manually imported account.

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