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Torii AI Slack Bot

Uri Nativ
Uri Nativ
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Torii’s app for Slack lets you fetch information about your SaaS stack directly from a Slack channel, private group or direct message by answering questions like "Who's the app owner of Intercom?"

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Torii Slack app is available on all public channels once you integrate Slack. Follow these instructions to integrate Slack with Torii.

The /torii command can be used in a private channel if added to it. Check the FAQ below to learn how to make it available in a private Slack channel.


Using the Slack Slash Command

Use /torii ask [question] to fetch information directly from Torii by asking questions in natural language.


/torii ask who is the app owner of Dropbox?

/torii ask how much am I paying for Salesforce?

/torii ask how many active Zoom licenses do we have?

/torii ask what is the most expensive app with the tag Project Management?


💡 We recommend creating a dedicated Torii Slack channel to keep all of your data in one place. If the channel you create is private, ensure to add the Torii app to the channel, as detailed in the FAQ below.


Why is the /torii command not available even though Slack is integrated with Torii?

If Slack is already integrated but the /torii command is not available, then it probably means you are missing some permissions. Please reconnect Slack Integration to add the missing permissions.

How do I add the /torii command to a private channel?

In order to have the /torii available in a private channel, you should follow these instructions in Slack to add the Torii app to the channel:

  • Click on the channel's name at the top to open the channel details.
  • Navigate to the “Integrations” tab.
  • From here, you should see a list of apps that can be added or are already added to the channel.
  • Search for "Torii" in the list, click on it and follow the prompts to add it to the channel.

What data in Torii can the /torii Slack command access?

The /torii command can access data in Torii based on the role of the user invoking the command. Data access is restricted to the permissions associated with that user's role. Therefore, the information retrieved will vary depending on the user's specific permissions within Torii.

Can the /torii Slack command modify, change data, or run workflows in Torii?

No, the /torii Slack command is designed for querying and accessing data only. It cannot modify, change data, or execute workflows in Torii. Its primary function is to provide users with information based on their permissions without making alterations to the data or processes within Torii.

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