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Expensify Integration

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Set up the Expensify integration to get a complete overview of all SaaS expenses.


Torii integrates with Expensify and analyzes SaaS expenses.

Torii will automatically match transactions to the correct application, summarize expenses and provide insights


Torii syncs the transaction list found in reports from your Expensify account and matches SaaS-related expenses to their respective app on Torii.

The following fields of transactions are used for mapping the expense to the correct application: merchant, modifiedMerchant and comment.


  • Make sure you have an Expensify account and admin user

  • To connect Torii to Expensify you will be required to get the following from the Expensify website: Partner user ID ( 1 ) and Partner User Secret (2)
    Note: to view instructions from the Expensify side click here

Get the Partner user ID and Partner User Secret

  1. Go to and click on click here

  2. A pair of credentials: partnerUserID and partnerUserSecret will be generated and shown on the page
    Make sure to copy & store the partnerUserID and partnerUserSecret in a secure location, as it will not be shown again.

Connect Expensify integration to Torii

To connect Expensify to Torii, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Integrations page and select the Expensify tile

  2. Connect to Expensify

  3. In the Connect Expensify enter the partnerUserID and partnerUserSecret

  4. Click Connect


Provide Torii with Expensify custom view

Note, if you don't want to expose Torii to all Expensify data, you will have to create an Expensify user with a custom view and connect this user to Torii while performing the integration

Check out how to build Expensify user with a custom view from Expensify help center

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