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Concur Integration

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi

Torii leverages SAP Concur API, which allows Torii to automatically update your SaaS expenses without any user interaction.


To connect the integration, Concur Web Services subscription is required.

You can confirm your Web Services subscription with the following steps:


Step 1: Under the Administration drop down (upper right-hand corner), click Company -> Web Services.

Step 2: If you do not see Web Services in the list, you have one of the two options:

  • Please reach out to Concur support/Partner Enablement Manager to get this feature enabled (based on your current subscription, this feature may be an additional Concur cost).

  • Export transactions (CSV file) from Concur and import them into Torii.

If you already have Concur Web Services subscription:

Step 1: Register an application with SAP Concur by contacting your Concur's Partner Enablement Manager or Partner Account Manager.

The required scopes are:,,,,,, user_read, EXPRPT, CCARD, BANK, EXTRCT, FOP, GHOST, INVPMT, INVVEN, USER, COMPANY


Step 2: Once you have registered an application, you will receive:

  • Client ID - A unique UUID4 identifier for your application.

  • Client Secret - Your application’s password.

  • Base URI - The Base URI (also known as the Instance URL) is the domain where the SAP Concur entity resides.

    • For example,

    • There will be a different domain for each of the following locations - North America data center, EMEA data center, China data center, and PSCC data center. For more information click here.

  • Username and password - A Concur username and password, of a user who has a Web Services Admin role or Proxy Logon role.

Step 3: With the information gathered, go to Torii Integrations page and click on the Concur tile in order to connect. Provide the Client ID, Client Secret, Base URI, Username and Password.



Torii syncs expense reports from your Concur account and matches SaaS-related expenses to their respective app on Torii.


The following fields of transactions are used for mapping the expense to the correct application: VendorDescription , BusinessPurpose and ExpenseTypeName and SpendCategory.


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