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Importing Contracts into Torii

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Import contracts from an Excel or CSV file

Torii provides a contract import tool to import all your contracts from a CSV/Excel (XLS or XLSX) file.

You can use this feature to perform a first-time bulk upload of contracts into Torii and to bulk-update existing contracts.


To successfully import a file containing multiple contracts into Torii, please note the following prerequisites:

  1. The first row is a header row that must include three mandatory columns:Contract name, Application name, and Status.

  2. The Application name column's values must match the application names that appear in Torii.

  3. Each contract must be in a different row (one row per contract).

  4. Custom applications must be created in Torii first because Torii will not create new custom applications during the import process.

  5. The Status column's values must match the application statuses defined in Contract Details.

  6. All column headers must exactly match the contract fields as defined in Contract Details.

  7. For any single-select field, the value must match one of the defined single-select field values.

  8. Multi-select fields can be updated using comma-separated values within the same Excel/CSV field, e.g. value1, value2, value3. Those values must exactly match the defined values of their respective fields.

  9. Employee fields must contain a valid email address in one of two formats: or Tony Stark <>

  10. For credit card numbers, Torii only stores the last four digits of the card number. If you'd like to import card numbers, only include the last four digits.

  11. All dates must follow the same date format. You will be asked to specify the date format during the import.

Importing Contracts

  1. Navigate to the Renewals page.
  2. In the top right corner, click the Import Contracts button.
  3. Select the date format from the dropdown for cells with dates.
  4. Click browse or drag your file into the import dialog box.
  5. Review the number of contracts to be added and/or updated.
  6. Click Import to confirm the import.



Handling Errors

Torii will do its best to import the data even if the file contains invalid fields. As a result, Torii will skip any contracts it can't parse. For example, if a row in the import file doesn't match any existing application name in Torii, this row will be skipped.

Missing Dates When Importing

If dates appear blank after importing contracts, this usually indicates that the date format you chose doesn't match the date format in the CSV file.

When you open a CSV file in Microsoft Excel, the displayed date format may not be the same as the format in the underlying CSV file. Consequently, when you import this file into Torii, you may not choose the correct date format.

We suggest that you either use the Excel CSV import wizard or follow the steps below to pick the right date format in Excel.

  1. Open your file in Microsoft Excel.

  2. Right-click the columns containing dates.

  3. Select Format cells.

  4. Click Date under Number > Category.

  5. Choose the correct data format, e.g. MM/DD/YYYY.

  6. Make sure you choose a date format without an asterisk (*). Date formats without an asterisk aren't affected by operating system settings.

  7. Save the file in XLSX or XLS format.


  • Does the import file need to contain all contract fields as columns?
    No. The only 3 mandatory columns are Contract name, Application name, and Status.

  • What happens if one of the mandatory fields is missing?
    The row containing the missing value in the import file will be ignored.

  • Will the import overwrite my existing contracts?
    Yes, if a row has the same Contract name and Application name values, it will overwrite the existing data in Torii. Empty cells in the import file will clear the corresponding contract field values in Torii.

  • Will the import delete any contracts?
    No, the import can only create new contracts and update existing ones. The import can, however, delete contract field values as discussed in the previous answer.

  • What if my file contains custom applications?
    Custom applications will only be matched if they have already been added to Torii.

  • Can I upload documents during the import?
    No, Torii doesn't currently support bulk-uploading documents.

  • Why weren't all rows (contracts) in the file imported?
    Rows that Torii can't parse will be skipped. The import dialog box will tell you how many contracts were updated and added out of the total number of rows in the file.

  • Q: What happens to the contracts that are uploaded into Torii?
    They are uploaded to a secure server, and access is restricted to only members of your Torii environment with role permissions to access contract data. All files are encrypted both in transit and at rest.

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