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Uploading Contracts Via Email

Ayala Bar-Emet
Ayala Bar-Emet
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Ensuring that all your managed apps have active contracts and renewal dates is crucial for efficient renewal management. The significance lies in receiving timely notifications before the next renewal and having instant access to all commercial data when needed. However, remembering this amidst a myriad of tasks can be challenging. With Email to Contract, you can simply forward the signed contract from your vendor to Torii, and our AI based Magic Auto-Fill will automatically parse your PDF and create a new contract.  It's a straightforward solution to simplify your tasks and ensure hassle-free contract management.

How to email a contract

Sending a contract to Torii is a straightforward process:

  1. Attach and Send: Add the contract PDF as an attachment and send it to Whether forwarding it from an existing email thread or initiating a new one, you have the flexibility to CC anyone you wish to receive a reply once the contract is incorporated into Torii. For instance, as a procurement manager, you might CC the app owner, fostering seamless communication.
  2. Receive and Review: Expect a prompt reply from Torii containing the captured contract details and a convenient link to view the newly created contract. It's worth noting that everyone CC'd on the email will receive this informative reply.
  3. Optional Editing: In case any fields were parsed incorrectly or overlooked, you have the option to view the contract within Torii. From there, effortlessly add or edit any necessary details, ensuring accuracy and completeness.


Email to Contract is supported for Professional and Enterprise plans only.


Q: Who can send contracts via email?

A: Any individual within your organization can send a contract PDF to, irrespective of whether they are Torii users or their designated role. However, it's essential to note that for qualification, the sender's email address must belong to one of your organization's domains. 

Q: What should I do if Torii matches my contract to the wrong app?

A: In the event that your contract is erroneously matched to the wrong app, you can easily rectify this by navigating to Torii. From the Renewals/Contracts tab, you have the option to edit the contract and select the correct app from the dropdown menu. It's important to note that this correction can only be made within the Renewals/Contracts tab; the Application/Contracts tab doesn't permit app selection and is disabled for this purpose.

Q: Can I attach multiple PDFs to the same email?

A: Absolutely! You have the flexibility to attach up to 10 PDFs in a single email. Each file you attach will generate a separate reply within the same email thread, ensuring a clear and organized correspondence for each document.

Q: Is there a file size limit for the attached PDFs?

A: Yes there is.  Attached files should not exceed 40MB in total.





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