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Introduction to Contract and Renewal Management

Ayala Bar-Emet
Ayala Bar-Emet
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Managing contract renewals effectively is an important aspect of SaaS management. As your organization expands, keeping tabs on contract details and deadlines can become increasingly complex. Torii's Contract Management feature is purpose-built to simplify this process, offering a seamless and effective way to oversee your contracts so you can gain:

  1. Renewal calendar - View all upcoming renewals at a glance.
  2. Automated renewal notifications - Never miss a contract renewal deadline again. Torii provides automated renewal notifications, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.  

  3. Data informed renewal process - Easily access all relevant data when renewing contracts. Make informed decisions based on historical information and insights.

  4. Answer any question quickly - With all your contracts in one place, you can respond to inquiries or audit requests promptly, enhancing your efficiency.

  5. Monitor actual spend against budget - Track your contract expenses against your budget effortlessly, helping you maintain financial control.

Ways to add contracts

Torii offers multiple methods for adding contracts, catering to your specific needs:

  1. Manual entry (Powered by AI)- Use Torii Magic Auto-Fill to effortlessly input contract details from PDFs.  Alternatively you can enter contract details manually.
  2. Email (Powered by AI)- Forward the signed contract from your vendor to, and our AI based Magic Auto-Fill will automatically parse your PDF and create a new contract.
  3. Direct integration - Seamlessly sync your contracts from your contract management system to Torii.  Currently available for Zip.
  4. Bulk import via CSV - Streamline your contract management by importing multiple contract details at once using a CSV file.
  5. Automated CSV import - If you're using another contract management system, Torii offers file-based integration. You can easily retrieve contract details from your existing system and bring them into Torii for centralized management.   To use this option, please contact your customer success manager.
  6. Torii API - For advanced users, leverage Torii's API to ingest contract data into Torii.

With these versatile options, Torii ensures that you can seamlessly add contracts to your system, regardless of your preferred method or existing tools.


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