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Adding License Costs

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Go to the Licenses screen to input and visualize license costs within Torii.

This page includes all applications' licenses that have been connected through one of our direct integrations. (Go to the Calculating Cost Per User article to see how Torii calculates the cost per user.)

  1. Expand the application to edit its license cost.
  2. Hover and click the edit button.
  3. Enter the annual cost per license for the selected app. If the license is free, enter "0".
  4. Click Save

Entering license currency

If the contract you signed is in a different currency from the one configured in Torii, you don't want to lose sight of the original license cost on the contract you signed.
Torii enables you to enter and see the
original value of the license cost according to the signed contract currency:

  1. Change the Currency
  2. Enter the Annual cost per license in the original currency 
  3. Enter the Conversion date (note that the currency conversion rate will be calculated according to the selected date) 
  4. Save 

  5. Once saved, the Annual cost per license will display the two license price rates.
    • The number displayed at the top is the license cost in the currency configured for Torii under "Settings >> Displayed currency."
    • The number at the bottom displays the license cost in the original currency you configured above.


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